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 “I’m Chris from Birmingham, AL and I would like to really applaud Transfer Case Warehouse for the speedy delivery and the excellent service provided towards my purchase for my 05 Chevy Silverado. Gave the VIN number and they shipped it directly to the shop. Talked with the mechanic today and he said it was the right one and I can come and pick up the truck and the box with the old transfer case in it. If I ever had to buy one again I would check with Transfer Case Warehouse first!!! I was a little skeptical because they didn’t have any reviews, but when the service and delivery went so well I called back to make sure I could let others know how well things went.” 05/21/15

“I was a bit skeptical ordering a pricey item online and had to do a lot of research on the company as they don’t even have a review page on there site. As it turns out I could not be more pleased with this company.By getting the best price I found anywhere online or local. There second to none customer service with there attention to details to make sure I was getting the exact transfer case I needed for my 2005 Chevy Silverado with standard shift case instead of the common push button model by going off the trucks VIN number, I did recieve a perfect fit and it has been working great in this non stop rain we have had here lately. Shipping was made easy with a two way low upfront cost delivered to my front door. They trust there customers by not charging them with an upfront core charge and assuring you they know that you would not be ordering a new case if yours was in good shape and to not worry about condition, as most places I called did care about, just please send the core back. Again there word held true when I sent them my core back that threw the chain through the case wall and they gladly accepted it by having UPS send me an email confirming they recieved the core. They have earned a customer for life and will be recommended by me to all my family, friends and even strangers.
Thank You once again for an outstanding customer experiance that doesn’t seem too happen much anymore.”
Tommie S.
Winnsboro, TX 06/11/2015

“I ordered a remanufactured transfer case for my 2005 Silverado 250HD 6.6L. The transfer case arrived quick and has worked perfectly since I installed it. They are a great place to do business with and saved me a bunch of money!! I feel really lucky that a friend referred me to them. If you are in the market for a transfer case these guys are the best in the business, as far as quality control and upgrading the factory design. Thanks”

Anthony J. Chula Vista CA 07/04/2013

“I was on the web trying to find a transfer case for my 2004 2500 HD GMC 4WD, I was quoted any where from $2900 to $3900 for a rebuilt transfer case. I saw the transfer case warehouse add and read the site. I called up skeptical and was delighted to talk to a no nonsense straight shooter who had knowledge of the product. They asked me when I needed it and I replied when could they get me one? ” I can have one tomorrow at noon ready to ship. Then they said” I noticed you have a San Diego phone #. I then asked where are you located? I found out that Transfer Case Warehouse was 8 miles form my home. I was at their location by 2PM the next day and my transfercase was ready. Wow it looked as if they just manufactured new. I took it to my mechanic and he put it in with out any issues. Picked up my Truck and I was amazed how good everything felt, no more clunking when you let your foot off the gas , no more vibration, no more leaks. The whole job was under 1/3 what the dealer was going to charge me. What a relief to find a great place to do business with who are honest and knowledgeable about their product and take the time to help,”

Mike V. San Francisco, CA 07/17/17

“Awesome, awesome, awesome customer service here! These guys are polite and knowledgeable and the product is stellar. Everything was exactly as they said it would be plus the bonus was finding that it had been assembled with the customer in mind. There was grease where there should be and none where there should be. The parts were all well made and we are extremely satisfied with our purchase. A big Thank You to Transfer Case Warehouse for making a big job as easy as it could be. You rock!!”

Jen R. Kirkland, WA 06/17/17

“I talked to a salesperson about the product I needed on a Wednesday morning, that I needed on Friday. He had what I needed so I called him back that evening and ordered it . Transfer case shipped on Thursday received it on Friday and was driving the same day.He sent me emailed invoice and shipping info the same day , and tracking info as soon as it shipped.They also shipped it to the shop I was using to save me some time.class a company would recommend to anyone to use them, They did what they said.I also was able to talk to the same guy every time I called , that was nice.Thanks again Transfer Case Warehouse”

Donald H. Cartersville GA 06/10/17

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